Lest we forget the slaughter in Connecticut


In the morning of the 14th December 2012, in the United States the most recent case of brutal violence committed by a single person occurred in an elementary school of a rich town in Connecticut. The massacre of children and teachers has left once again media and Washington politicians speechless unable to give meaning to such cruelty that, for its serial components , can only be rooted in the evils that plague the American society. The victims of the slaughter in the Sandy Hook Elementary School are 12 girls and 8 boys, aged 6 or 7, and 6 women.

As all we sadly know, Adam Lanza, 20 years, shot his 52-year-old mother in the house in Newton where they lived and then he went by car to the Sandy Hook Elementary School in the near Fairfield County just over 100 km north-east of New York. The murderer broke into the building and shot up. According to the reconstruction of facts by the police, some victims would have been hit up to 11 times. The slaughter was so horrifying that many parents had to identify their killed children through photographs.

Overall the victims are 28. The death toll includes the murderer, who killed himself inside the school, and his mother. Among the other 26 victims there were 20 children, aged between 6 and 7, and 6 school employees, the principal included, 4 teachers and a psychologist.

Relatives and people who knew Adam Lanza described him as a smart, but extremely shy young man with mental problems, who had never shown any propensity for violence. His parents split up some years ago and his father and his brother moved to New Jersey.

In their house, Adam Lanza and his mother kept many weapons, figment of her passion that she seems to have passed on the minor child. The Connecticut state law allows the sale of firearms only to those who have turned 21, but Adam Lanza could have had access to them without any difficulty to guns similar to those used by the US armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is the second worst massacre for number of victims in the American history, which took place a few days after another fatal shooting in a shopping mall in Oregon.  Investigators have not found any evidence that may reveal the reasons why Adam Lanza acted like this. It is thought that the killer suffered from Asperger Syndrome, which is considered a serious type of autism.

One month after your death, the United States and the world have not forgotten you.


                 14/12/2012 Lest we forget.

Filomena Crocco

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  1. Colin ha detto:

    Quite enlightening….looking frontward to coming back.


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