Satanic Sects

The satanic sects seem a remnant of the primitive magical thinking, the opposite of modernity, culture and science: however, esotericism and everything that is connected to it is a phenomenon ever-expanding worldwide . The world’s record for satanic sects is hold by London, followed by Turin, San Francisco, Chicago and Rome.

satanaThe Satanists are those who recognize and worship Satan – also called Lucifer, Beelzebub, the ancient serpent, dragon red – as described in the Bible. The expression of this cult is the Black Mass, a ritual that aims at transforming the followers in “Servants of Satan”. At the beginning joining these sects is a free choice, but soon the initiates feel more and more integrated into the group and extraneous from daily life, and leaving the community becomes impossible: who wants to leave is stalked, blackmailed, threatened. There are many magical, mystical, esoteric society: they often mix Eastern philosophies, psychology, magic, ufology, primitive religions, Satanism and it is difficult to locate and classify them. Satanic sects are often involved in several crimes: the misuse of medical and psychological professions, scams and fraud, child abuse, animal abuse, sexual violence, racial hatred, drug abuse, human sacrifices.

messe nereThe existential emptiness, the absence of values, the boredom, the desire for new experiences and emotions are the main factors of attraction to the esoteric. Be aware of the phenomenon and evaluate it can be valuable tools to keep yourself out of these groups, whose charm also lies in the aura of mystery that surrounds them.

Alessia Pellegrino

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